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Oakland has a rich, 30-year tradition of community planning.

The impacts of this commitment are numerous, and include the development of over 320 housing units, the creation of a successful workforce development program, and the establishment of a Business Improvement District, to name a few.

Past planning initiatives include:

Oakland PlanOakland Improvement StrategyMon Valley CorridorFuture of Oakland

Oakland Plan

Oakland PlanThis comprehensive planning process engaged stakeholders in every sub-neighborhood of Oakland to envision a future that would be harmonious and prosperous for all of its diverse interests. Additionally, this 1980 landmark event resulted in the creation of the Oakland Planning and Development Corporation (OPDC).

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Oakland Improvement Strategy

Improvement StrategyDesigned in 1998, this plan established four primary goals for the Oakland community: to improve Oakland’s residential market; enforce building codes, particularly among rental properties; identify zoning changes to improve neighborhood conditions; and improve the appearance of Oakland’s major corridors.

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Mon Valley Corridor Plan

Mon Valley CorridorCrafted in 2008, this plan sought to identify ways to forge stronger economic, social and physical connections among the communities of the Mon Valley Corridor.

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Future of Oakland

Future of OaklandIn 2002, this plan was created to accomplish a future strategy for Oakland through the following initiatives: to create a sense of place in Oakland, make it easier to get into and around In Oakland, stimulate neighborhood revitalization, and foster technology development. Each of these areas were reviewed in order to develop a coordinated strategy, or road map, which funders and implementers, both public and private, could use to focus investments in the near term while understanding how all projects fit within the overall strategy. Successful outcomes of this plan include the development of Schenley Plaza and high quality upgrades to Oakland’s transportation infrastructure.

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