Community Groups & Meetings


Get involved in your neighborhood’s development by joining your local resident association. Scroll down to read about active groups and when they meet.

If your neighborhood doesn’t yet have an organized group and you’d like to try to start one, contact OPDC at 412.621.7863 ext. 14 or and we will provide support and resources.

Bellefield Area Citizens Association (BACA):

Founded in 1974, BACA is a group of residents and business owners working together to improve their North Oakland neighborhood. Its approximate area of operation is bounded by Bellefield Ave. on the west, Neville St. on the east, Baum Blvd. on the north, and Forbes Ave. on the south.

BACA holds open meetings every first Tuesday of the month at 7:00PM at the First Church-Christ Scientist, located at 201 North Dithridge Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

For more information, call 412.683.8151 or email

Oakcliffe Community Organization of South Oakland:

Home to a diverse group of renters, owners, businesses, healthcare facilities, and an exciting greening initiative, Oakcliffe is a community of the South Oakland neighborhood in the City of Pittsburgh. It is bordered by Bates Street on the East, The Boulevard of the Allies on the North, Forbes Avenue on the West and the Parkway East on the South.

All are welcomed to Oakcliffe community meetings, which take place on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm at the Community Human Services offices, located at 370 Lawn Street.

For more information, please email, visit their website at or call Dave Panasiuk at 412.260.1922.

Oakland Green Team

The Oakland Green Team seeks to put the oak back in Oakland, improving trail connections and creating attractive open spaces. The team will identify, guide and implement greening activities throughout Oakland.

They hold open meetings the third Thursday of every month at 6pm at the Oakland Career Center, located at 294 Semple Street. Use Louisa Street side door to enter.

If you miss a meeting, visit this page to stay informed on announcements, meeting minutes, etc. Contact or call David Zwier at 412.621.7863 ext. 14 for more information.

Oakwatch: The Oakland Code Enforcement Project

Oakwatch: The Oakland Code Enforcement Project seeks to improve the quality of life for residents, employees and visitors by enforcing codes on negligent property owners, housing violations, parking violations, disruptive behavior, excessive noise and underage drinking in the Oakland neighborhood.

Oakwatch holds open meetings the third Wednesday of each month. If you miss a meeting, visit this page regularly for posted minutes, announcements and other relevant materials.

For more information, contact Oakwatch at 412.621.7863 ext. 21 or

South Oakland Neighborhood Group

The South Oakland Neighborhood Group (SONG) is a community organization of residents, primarily focused on the South Oakland neighborhood, but also Oakland and Pittsburgh in general, working to improve the quality of life for all residents, including students and local businesses through improved and expanded communication and involvement.  Any interested parties are encouraged to participate and contribute.

SONG holds open meetings the first Tuesday of each month at the Frazier Field House, located at 3716 Frazier Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.You can learn more by visiting SONG’s website here.

For more information, please email, visit their website at or call at 412.440.8840

West Oakland Neighborhood Council:

Since March 2012, West Oakland’s community center, The Corner, has been convening a Neighborhood Council comprised of local residents with a passion for maintaining and improving the quality of life in the West Oakland and Oak Hill neighborhoods. While The Corner hosts these meetings and seeks to empower participants, the Neighborhood Council is in the process of becoming an autonomous and self-governing organization that enables neighbors to organize and develop a unified “voice” on issues that matter to them, while also advising The Corner on its own activities.

This group meets during the first week of each month, generally a Tuesday, though this has varied to accommodate participants’ schedules.

For more information, check The Corner’s website for regular updates, or contact them at or 412-683-1400.

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