COR: Coalition of Oakland Residents

As the Oakland 2025 Master Plan began to take shape, a group of Oakland resident leaders began implementing one of the recommendations by creating a new forum, the Coalition of Oakland Residents (COR).

COR’s objective is to ensure resident engagement in reviewing development proposals, facilitating Oakland-wide community gatherings, communicating matters of importance, and implementing Oakland 2025. COR will serve as a neighborhood alliance that effectively engages, informs and connects all of Oakland’s diverse residential communities and their respective groups on matters relevant to quality of life for everyone.

The group consists of representatives from Oakland’s neighborhood associations. COR’s mission states:  “We are a collective voice for the residents of Oakland. Our goal is to improve life in Oakland by promoting community groups, by encouraging communication among these groups, and by advocating on their behalf to entities that impact these groups, their constituent communities and our fellow residents.”

COR is structured to ensure a direct connection to neighborhood residents. Each member at the COR roundtable is a representative of a neighborhood association or neighborhood area. Get involved in COR by getting involved in your neighborhood association. Priorities and projects of COR come from the member organizations through the representative to COR. If you do not know the association in your neighborhood, contact COR at or OPDC at or (412) 621-7863 x14. OPDC is pleased to work in partnership with COR to get the word out, and coordinate policies and strategies.

Click here to learn more about the strategy that brought COR to life in the Community Building section of the Oakland 2025 Master Plan.

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