Real Estate Development

Since its inception in 1980, OPDC has acquired and developed almost 300 residential properties throughout Oakland’s five distinct neighborhoods and partnered on projects in neighboring areas such as Uptown and the Hill District.

Real Estate Development

We continue to strengthen our real estate program through active strategizing and analysis of existing market data. Our rental portfolio includes 82 affordable units for families of low incomes and individuals with special needs. Those who have a vested interest in belonging to Oakland and contributing to its prosperity as home owners can browse our for-sale portfolio.

OPDC believes that fostering home ownership is imperative to creating a flourishing community, particularly in neighborhoods like Oakland that have high-demand rental housing markets. We reflect this through a proven commitment to building and selling quality, affordable homes to families and individuals from a variety of different backgrounds.

If you are interested in learning more about the positive impact OPDC has had on the region through our traditional neighborhood development efforts, contact us today at 412.621.7863 or

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