UPMC Heart and Transplant Hospital - De Soto and Fifth Avenue

Developer: UPMC

Project Summary: UPMC plans on building a new heart and transplant hospital on the field in front of Presbyterian Hostpital on Fifth Avenue. The 18-story, 900,000 sq ft. building will have 620 private rooms for patients. UPMC hosted two community meetings in late 2018 to answer resident questions and discuss how the development plans could include some community benefits. This hospital is consistent with the UPMC institutional master plan (IMP), which was approved by the city in late 2014. This development requires City Planning Commission approval, but does not need to go in front of the City Council as it is in their IMP. As of early March, UPMC is putting this project on pause and plans to re-engage the community with public meetings in the final quarter of 2019. OPDC will reach out to residents when these meetings have been scheduled.

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