OPDC’s Financial Opportunity Center helps people from all over Pittsburgh find the right job and create a plan for financial success.


About our Financial Opportunity Center

OPDC operates one of the 70 Financial Opportunity Centers nationwide that helps people find jobs, receive ongoing one-on-one financial coaching, and apply for public benefits, all under one roof. Our staff includes employment specialists, a financial coach, and an instructor for health care training.  We create resumes for first-time job seekers, conduct mock interviews with clients, help people build or repair credit, draft reasonable household budgets, and save more money toward their financial goals.  We offer training specific to health care employment, and partner with UPMC to prepare top candidates for its entry-level positions. Our work is tailored to individuals’ circumstances and talents, and our candidates do more than get a job – they build wealth over time by creating a long-term plan for financial success. We offer services to job seekers from all over Pittsburgh.

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Financial Coaching

More than ever, we all need help to make our money stretch, especially if we’re between jobs. We provide free one-on-one, confidential financial coaching to help you get out of a tight spot, break free of bad habits, build a “rainy day” fund, and reach your savings goals. We realize that talking about money isn’t easy – it’s personal and private – so our coaching is customized for you. In combination with our employment coaching, we can help you regain your financial footing

Employment Coaching

Are you ready for a career change but you’re not quite sure of how or where to start? OPDC has been providing customized, one-on-one help for people facing unemployment or underemployment since 1989. Our staff will meet with you individually to assess your interests, skills, education, training and goals. Then we’ll help you organize your job search into a solid strategy—from resume building to interview techniques, from social media usage to workplace etiquette. We specialize in helping first-time job seekers, those reentering the work world after a few years, and in matching clients to open positions in the health care sector.


Are you seeking to pick up a skill that will make you more attractive to an employer? We offer four trainings that can set you apart from other job seekers, especially if you’re seeking work in health care or clerical fields.

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OPDC's Financial Opportunity Center is made possible by the generous support of Neighborhood Allies