Four Mile Run Watershed Restoration

Project summary: Building on the work of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) is embarking on a $40 million project to manage storm water runoff in 4 Mile Run. 4 Mile Run is currently culverted between the bottom of Neville Street and the Monongahela River. The watershed for this stream includes most of Pitt’s campus and much of Squirrel Hill. When complete, the project will include extensive modifications to Panther Hollow Lake and the daylighting of 4 Mile Run between the lake and the 4 Mile Run neighborhood of Greenfield. These facets of the project are still in the design process, but PWSA is taking immediate action to sequester surface runoff on the Naylor Street culs-de-sac by re-building the hillside catchments on Overlook Drive and the Bridle Path. This will involve closing the Greenfield Road end of the Bridle Path in Schenley Park for approximately three months, starting in October.

Bridle Trail Closure_map.JPG