Forbes Avenue Betterment Project

Developer: PennDOT

Project summary: The Forbes Avenue Betterment Project is a PennDOT project to improve road conditions on Forbes Avenue between the Birmingham Bridge and Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) campus. The project includes repaving Forbes from the Birmingham Bridge to Margaret Morrison, introducing permanent bike lanes, and upgrading traffic signals and crosswalks, as needed. PennDOT recently placed 32 new poles and will continue their installation weather permitting. Once the poles are fully installed, we will receive a timeline from PennDOT on signal testing and when they will be live. This website has more information on the scope of the project as well as the work schedule:

Project completion anticipated for 1st week in September 2019; milling/paving will be complete, there will be a period for testing of the new signals and at that time all old poles will have been removed.  Any additional work needed will be halted until after students move-back onto campus in late August 2019.