Oakwatch: The Oakland Code Enforcement Project

Mission: Oakwatch: The Oakland Code Enforcement Project works to improve the quality of life in Oakland by bringing people and institutions together to identify code violations, advocate for their remediation and monitor the outcomes.

The next Oakwatch meeting will be Wednesday, May 17th, 6-7:30pm, Oakland Career Center, 294 Semple Street. To RSVP, contact lgray@opdc.org or 412.335.0933;

Click to read minutes from the most recent meetingminutes 3.15.17

Oakwatch formed in 2011 as an implementation item of The Oakland 2025 Master Plan.

Oakwatch is chaired by an Oakland resident; OPDC provides administrative support. In additional to Oakland residents and landlords, the following organizations participate in monthly roundtable meetings:

  • Allegheny County Health Department
  • City of Pittsburgh 311 Response Center
  • City of Pittsburgh Office of Permits, Licenses and Inspections (PLI)
  • City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works
  • City of Pittsburgh Police Department, Zone 4
  • Office of the Mayor
  • City Council Members
  • University of Pittsburgh Office of Community & Government Relations
  • University of Pittsburgh Police Department
  • University of Pittsburgh Student Government Board

Oakwatch meets the third Wednesday of every month and welcomes all to attend. If you miss a meeting, check this page regularly for posted minutes, announcements and other relevant materials.

Documenting and decreasing disruptive behavior: When there’s a disruptive incident in your neighborhood, make sure you call 911 and document what happened on this Incident Report Sheet. Please turn these forms into Oakwatch. You can email them to oakwatch@opdc.org, fax them to 412.621.5920 or drop them off or mail them to 235 Atwood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

Use 311, access city data: Oakwatch is a data-driven effort. We submit all concerns to the city using the 311 system, including deteriorating housing, mold/rodents/vermin, weeds/overgrowth, garbage/litter, graffiti, illegal parking/traffic issues, and more. You can now access much of this data from the City of Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections at http://communitysafety.pittsburghpa.gov/Search.aspx.  This page will allow you to search addresses within the City of Pittsburgh to see any violations notices that have been issued by the City after October 15, 2015. All you need to do is enter an exact address, or, to find a list of all of the violations issued on a street, just type in the street name.If you are aware of a problem but do not see a violation issued, please contact 311 by clicking here to request an inspection.

For an interactive map that displays permits, licenses, code enforcement, and planning applications, use the city’s buildingeye database, also public.[/su_tab]

Meeting Minutes:
2017: minutes 3.15.17 minutes 2.15.17 minutes 1.18.17 2016: minutes-12-21-16 minutes-11-16-16 minutes-9-21-16 Minutes-8-17-16 Minutes 7.20.16 Minutes 6.15.2016 Minutes 5.18.2016 Minutes 4.20.1 Minutes 3.16.16 Minutes 2.17.16 Minutes 1.20.16 2015:  Minutes 12.16.15 Minutes 11.18.15 Minutes 9.16.15 Minutes 8.19.15 Minutes 7.15.15 Minutes 6.17.2015 Minutes 5.20.15 Minutes 4.15.15 Minutes 3.18.2015 Minutes 2.18.2015 Minutes 1.21.2015  2014Minutes 11.19.14 Minutes 10.15.14 Minutes 9.17.14 Minutes 8.20.14 Minutes 6.18.14 Minutes 5.21.14 Minutes 4.16.14 Minutes 3.19.14 Minutes 2.19.14  Minutes 1.16.14, 2013Minutes 11.20.13 Minutes 10.16.13 Minutes 9.18.13 8.21.13 Minutes Minutes 7.17.13 5.15.13 Minutes 4.17.13 Minutes 3.20.13 Minutes 2.20.13 Minutes 1.16.13   2012 Minutes 12.5.12 Minutes 10.17.12 Minutes Minutes 9.19.12 8.15.12 Minutes 7.18.12 Minutes 6.20.12 Minutes 5.16.12 Minutes 4.18.12 Minutes 3.21.12 Minutes 2.15.12 Minutes 1.18.12  2011 Minutes 11.16.11 Minutes 10.19.11 Minutes 9.21.11 Minutes 8.17.11 Minutes 7.20.11 Minutes 6.29.11 Minutes

Contact Oakwatch: The Oakland Code Enforcement Project at 412.621.7863 ext. 27 or email oakwatch@opdc.org.

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