Forbes Avenue Betterment Project: Website NOW Live

Need to know the latest project area details, public meeting dates and recaps, or a refresher about the history of the PCTI study? Check out: Stay involved online through the hashtag #SafeFifthForbesNOW.

This project will address one of our community's five most critical distinct needs in adhering to our Oakland 2025 Master Plan: to develop a multimodal transportation network that incorporates “complete streets” principles (accessibility and safety for pedestrians, cyclists, automobiles and transit) and connects all parts of the neighborhood.

The addition of bike lanes on Forbes Avenue will do just that, in addition to the bike lanes on Bigelow Blvd that connect onward to Schenely Dr toward the south, and Bayard St toward the north. Following outstanding feedback after the last meeting, the team will present a design that includes bike lanes along the full mile-long stretch of Forbes. West of Bellefield (where Forbes is one-way), they are proposing a short contra-flow bike lane to connect to Bigelow Blvd and Schenley Dr.

On behalf of Oakland, whether a current, former, or future commuter or resident, please continue to become a part of the feedback process to ensure our community can work towards and accomplish a complete streets design for all.

An important reminder: the next meeting for this project is next Monday, July 17th from 5-7PM at Carnegie Mellon University, Cohon University Center, Rangos 2, 2nd floor.