First Oakland Community Land Trust (CLT) home for sale


OPDC is excited to announce that the first Oakland Community Land Trust (CLT) home is now for sale in West Oakland. Click here to view photos of the home and income qualification criteria. 

OPDC is renovating three other Oakland CLT homes that will be available for sale later this year. Contact 412.621.7863 ext. 14 for more information about these properties or stay tuned for updates on our website. 

Wait, what's a CLT?

A CLT is a nonprofit, community-supporting system of land ownership that guarantees the availability of affordable homes in a neighborhood. The CLT owns the lot – the land – a house sits on and leases it to the homeowner, while the house and all property responsibilities belong to the homeowner. The CLT requires that the house be permanently owner-occupied, by present and future homeowners. Click here for more information on OPDC’s goals for the Oakland CLT, and how current Oakland property owners and house hunters can participate. 

#OaklandMatters - Spread the word

Check out this beautiful video, produced by Emmy-award winner Emmai Alaquiva, to hear the case for the Oakland CLT from people like Julia Erickson, Kevin Acklin, Nadine Masagara-Taylor and Todd Reidbord. They believe that #OaklandMatters

Oakland is home to world-class amenities and institutions, as well as beautiful residential neighborhoods full of character, history, and architectural details. The Oakland CLT will make homes available for people from all walks of life and incomes. Please share the video and the #OaklandMatters hashtag to help us raise awareness for this campaign. 

If you and your neighbors are interested in learning more about the Oakland CLT, OPDC will gladly organize a presentation to discuss it in more detail. Talk to your neighbors, especially those who may be interested in selling. The more participants in each neighborhood, the better the impact of the CLT. 

Help us build our team

Your voice matters. Help us assemble a diverse team of Oakland community members to guide the Oakland CLT. OPDC is now accepting nominations for the Oakland CLT Committee. Click here to learn more about the committee and here to submit your nomination.