Oakland Landlord Alliance addresses neighborhood litter problem through over $30,000 trash and recycling bin order

Members of the Oakland Landlord Alliance (OLA) placed an order of 735 Toter trash and recycling bins, in an effort to manage overflowing waste in the neighborhood.   

Containing trash and recycling is difficult with a transient student population. Bins are lost on a regular basis, some through theft and others through damage. Oakland landlords struggle to meet the needs of their tenants every school year.


This past spring, OPDC conferred with the City Environmental Services about city-standard trash containers and researched bulk purchase options. OPDC’s Neighborhood Quality Consultant, Lizabeth Gray, presented this information to the Oakland Landlord Alliance.  OPDC offered the opportunity for property owners to invest in 32-gallon, durable trash and recycling bins, which could be purchased for a discounted bulk price from Toter.


“These bins are tough and can stand up to hard student use with the special bonus of attached lids,” said Gray. “No way for the lids to go missing, so trash stays in the bin where it belongs, not on the sidewalk and not in the paws of some hungry cat or raccoon.”

This order marks a huge step in the direction of litter-free streets and pest control in the neighborhood. Providing recycling bins also brings properties into compliance with the city’s mandatory recycling law to reduce waste in landfills. Thank you to the Oakland landlords who participated in this effort.