OPDC tests new energy efficient heating and cooling system developed by HiberSense

OPDC has been selected by HiberSense to join other nonprofits in the “Smart Heating and Cooling Cohort”, funded by The Forbes Funds, to test a newly-developed temperature control system.


The innovative technology, designed by HiberSense engineers, employs smart vents and sensors to control energy costs and increase employee comfort. The HiberVents, located in each office, can be controlled through a smartphone app and allow employees to customize their room temperature. The system will even learn to anticipate individual preferences and schedules.

“This is a great opportunity for OPDC to reduce our environmental impact,” said Jodi Lincoln, OPDC’s Property Manager. “This type of smart technology is going to play a major role in reducing CO2 emissions. I see the potential for this not only in our Atwood office, but at other Oakland properties as well.”

The HiberSense team has already begun gathering data on temperature, humidity, light, air quality, and motion in every room. We look forward to seeing how this system increases employee comfort and potentially helps us save 20-30% on utility costs.

Thanks to The Forbes Funds for their support and the HiberSense team for their work on the system