Boundary Street bike/ped safety improvements

Project summary: Boundary Street between Joncaire and Neville is a vital connector between North and Central Oakland, and between Oakland and the Eliza Furnace Trail. It's heavily used by cars, bicycles, and pedestrians -- but it's an unsafe passage for all of them, with no sidewalk, no trail, no shoulder, and poor visibility. The Oakland Bike/Ped Committee studied this corridor in 2016, and made recommendations about possible safety improvements that are outlined in detail in this report (below). In 2018 the city allocated $50,000 in its capital budget to establish a bike lane on Neville between Boundary and Fifth Avenue, and OPDC is working with planners in the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure to follow through on this plan and to encourage the city to build a dedicated and protected connection for bicyclists and pedestrians through the entirety of the corridor.

Project resources: