Multimodal Second Avenue Corridor

Developer: Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission (SPC)

Project summary: The City of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Port Authority invited SPC to conduct a study to identify people's transit needs along Second Ave. The scope of this study includes Second Ave from the 10th St. Bridge to the Glenwood Bridge and Bates from Second up to the Boulevard. One component of the study will identify ways to improve transit connections for South Oakland residents with an emphasis on reducing the car-flow of single occupancy vehicles into Oakland and encouraging an overall mode shift to more efficient transit options. SPC held a public meeting on Feb 19th to solicit feedback from residents. A second public meeting took place on May 8th. This website has more information about the study and allows residents to provide comments through the project-comment form or through the interactive map: The final public meeting took place on Thursday, July 25, 2019.

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Boulevard of the Allies Betterment Project

Developer: PennDOT

Project Summary: Project extends Boulevard of the Allies from Downtown to Bates Street. PennDOT held a public meeting on November 5, 2018 to discuss the project in detail with residents. The main components of the project involves basic infrastructure improvements such as pavement resurfacing and repainting crosswalks. Project began April 29, 2019.

Street work will begin on July 11, 2019 with single-lane restrictions on the Boulevard of the Allies from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. on weeknights in the Oakland section between the Birmingham Bridge and Bates Street through early August. Additionally, daylight work requiring single-lane restrictions may occur from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays.

Construction activities will then shift to the area between the Birmingham Bridge and the ramps to the Crosstown Boulevard and Liberty Bridge. Overnight and off-peak daylight lane restrictions will occur in this section. Additionally, two weekend closures for paving operations may occur. This work has not yet been scheduled.

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Mon-Oakland Mobility Plan

Developer: City of Pittsburgh

Project summary: The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) is examining approaches to better connect Oakland, Four Mile Run, Greenfield, and Hazelwood in conjunction with planned storm water management improvements.

At a public meeting on June 20, 2019, DOMI and PWSA presented preliminary ideas for two distinct trails: 1) a mobility corridor that is publicly controlled and accessible to cyclists, small electric shuttles, and users of devises like e-scooters/e-blikes and 2) a trail to support non-motorized transportation for pedestrian and casual cyclists use. No specific design details are currently available for review.

Two further meetings are planned for the presentation of further updates—the first in September 2019 and the second in November 2019. Currently, construction is planned to begin in the fall of 2020. The Mon-Oakland Mobility Project website has been updated with current information, as well as links to past meeting notes.

Forbes Avenue Betterment Project

Developer: PennDOT

Project summary: The Forbes Avenue Betterment Project is a PennDOT project to improve road conditions on Forbes Avenue between the Birmingham Bridge and Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) campus. The project includes repaving Forbes from the Birmingham Bridge to Margaret Morrison, introducing permanent bike lanes, and upgrading traffic signals and crosswalks, as needed. PennDOT recently placed 32 new poles and will continue their installation weather permitting. Once the poles are fully installed, we will receive a timeline from PennDOT on signal testing and when they will be live. This website has more information on the scope of the project as well as the work schedule:

Project completion anticipated for 1st week in September 2019; milling/paving will be complete, there will be a period for testing of the new signals and at that time all old poles will have been removed.  Any additional work needed will be halted until after students move-back onto campus in late August 2019.

Boundary Street bike/ped safety improvements

Project summary: Boundary Street between Joncaire and Neville is a vital connector between North and Central Oakland, and between Oakland and the Eliza Furnace Trail. It's heavily used by cars, bicycles, and pedestrians -- but it's an unsafe passage for all of them, with no sidewalk, no trail, no shoulder, and poor visibility. The Oakland Bike/Ped Committee studied this corridor in 2016, and made recommendations about possible safety improvements that are outlined in detail in this report (below). In 2018 the city allocated $50,000 in its capital budget to establish a bike lane on Neville between Boundary and Fifth Avenue, and OPDC is working with planners in the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure to follow through on this plan and to encourage the city to build a dedicated and protected connection for bicyclists and pedestrians through the entirety of the corridor.

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Fifth Ave and Bigelow Blvd bus stop relocation

Project summary: Due to current construction at the former Pittsburgh Athletic Association building, DOMI plans to relocate the bus stop at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Bigelow Blvd. The bus stop will move to the next block in front of Soldiers and Sailors. Jersey barriers will be placed near the corner of Fifth Avenue and University Place to avert parking and allow for bus pickup.

Bigelow Complete Streets Improvement

Developer: City of Pittsburgh

Project summary: The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) and the University of Pittsburgh are working together to redesign the stretch of Bigelow Boulevard between Fifth and Forbes Avenues. This redesign includes bike/pedestrian safety, a mid-block pedestrian crossing, reconfigured shuttle stops, and storm water catchment. University of Pittsburgh stated that it would provide a crossing guard to manage the high volume of pedestrians in an effort to maintain traffic flow and overall safety. Upon conferring with residents throughout the neighborhood and COR, OPDC testified at Art Commission that the crossing guard commitment be formalized via a written contract between the university and the city. At their meeting on 8/22/18, the Art Commission included the requirement in their final approval of the design.

On March 28, the city received $500,000 to support this project; see the press release. OPDC has asked Pitt to provide a construction timeline.

Zulema Street Crosswalk repainting

Developer: OTMA

Project summary: OTMA is working with Council President Kraus' and Councilwoman Erika Strassburger's offices to improve pedestrian safety along Zulema St. City of Pittsburgh will install new piano-key crosswalks, stop bars, and replacement of missing stop signs. PWSA will replace damaged water-main cover at the corner of Coltart-Zulema