Duquesne Light substation

Developer: Duquesne Light

Project summary: Duquesne Light purchased a lot previously utilized for parking to construct a new substation. The lot is zoned by the City as Park. The Pennsylvania Utility Commission has approved the proposed size of the transformers to be installed; public input sessions will be scheduled to allow review of construction plans.

4040 Bigelow Boulevard - Oratory

Project summary: Proposed renovations to the Oratory were previously approved by the Historic Review Commission. Since the project was submitted, the architect is proposing modifications — inclusion of an ADA compliant route and rebuilding an addition. These modifications will require a second review at HRC. A public review of the updated project is tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 28, 2019.

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300 South Craig Street

Developer: Ting Yen (property owner)

Project summary: Property owner plans to complete interior renovations of the tenant space at the corner of Craig Street and Winthrop for a second Oakland location of Fuku Tea (the first location is located at Forbes and Oakland Ave). The project also includes exterior canopies and seating.

This project was presented at Planning Commission in July 2019 and will need to be shared with the Zoning Board of Adjustments. Prior to the ZBA hearing, a public review is tentatively scheduled for Monday, October 28. 2019.

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3440 Forbes Ave - Wexford Science + Technology

Developer: Wexford Science + Technology

Project summary: Proposed new construction for commercial development. Reviewed at the March 27, 2019 Oakland-Wide Community Meeting. Developer returned to the Oakland-Wide Community Meeting on May 29, 2019 to present updates.

Per input at the two Oakland-Wide Community Meetings, OPDC and a group of community members discussed a package of potential community benefits with Wexford. The community’s requested community benefits package and Wexford’s response are linked below.

Wexford’s ZBA hearing was schedule for July 11, 2019. Council President Bruce Kraus, at the request of OPDC and community members, requested that the hearing be postponed in order to further consider impact and community benefits. ZBA granted this request.

Wexford was scheduled to appear again at ZBA on July 25, 2019, however, the hearing was rescheduled for August 15, 2019 at 10:50 a.m. This occurred because they were unable to confirm a quorum for the hearing.

Following a July 22 meeting convened by Council President Bruce Kraus, plus feedback we received through community input that we’ve gathered, there is not support for a community benefits agreement. OPDC’s position on the project is to oppose the requested variances due to the potential negative impacts on the community. Wexford appeared at ZBA on August 15, 2019.

Findings of fact and conclusions of law statements were due on September 27th. OPDC submitted a document expanding on our opposition to the project. The Zoning Board should issue a ruling within 45 dates of the September 27th deadline.

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Presentations, reports, and minutes:

Community benefits agreement (CBA) negotiation:

Feedback summaries:

Please use this form to submit comments on Wexford’s current community benefits package proposal.

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214 South Craig Street

Developer: Mike Wu

Project summary: Owner proposes to build a six floor, mixed-use development. The building will include restaurant space and one- and three-bedroom apartment units. The developer is asking for the following variances:  Lot coverage, restaurant use, floor area ratio (FAR), parking, and height.

This proposal was presented to the Bellefield Area Citizens Association (BACA) on September 10, 2019. BACA was not in support of the developer’s request for a parking variance. An updated proposal was presented at the Oakland-Wide Community Meeting on September 25, 2019.

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1 Oakland Square

Developer: Homeowner

Project summary: Homeowner made alterations to a single car garage in the Oakland Square Historic District and will need to present changes to the Historic Review Commission. This project was shared at the September 25, 2019 Oakland-Wide Community Meeting.

Project resources:

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203 S. Craig

Project summary: The owner initially planned to construct an addition attached to the front of the building. At a ZBA hearing on September 27, 2018 the developer requested a continuance, however the project was placed on hold.

Carnegie Mellon University purchased the property in September 2019. There are no plans — aside from general cosmetic/code updates to the exterior — for the property at this time.

Walnut on Fifth - 3342 Fifth Ave

Developer: Walnut Capital

Project summary: Walnut Capital plans to build a 10-story office building geared toward technical, medical, and research companies. The use of the building is in compliance with zoning code, but the developers went in front of the Zoning Board for height, FAR, and parking. Walnut Capital presented their preliminary plans at a public meeting on January 23, 2019 and hosted a follow-up meeting on February 25, 2019. The project was heard at the ZBA hearing on March 14, 2019. OPDC executed a community benefits agreement with Walnut Capital that addresses 1) transportation demand management strategies, 2) community oriented retail space, and 3) investment in Oakland Community Land Trust.

The ZBA approved Walnut Capital’s request for a new 10-story office building with ground level retail and 100 accessory parking spaces on May 9, 2019 (see decision below).

Walnut Capital presented a detailed review of building design at an Oakland-Wide Community Meeting on August 28, 2019.

Supporting Documents:

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The Oaklander Hotel rooftop communication facility

Project summary: T-Mobile is proposing (3) antenna locations to be installed on the existing rooftop utility room structure at The Oaklander Hotel (5130 Bigelow Blvd). Antennas will be stealth with a fiberglass covering, color blended to building siding. Radio cabinets are also located on roof by other mechanical items.

Supporting documents:

2846 Boulevard of the Allies

Project summary: The owner will be renovating 2846 Boulevard of the Allies into flex office spaces. The renovation will include contemporary improvements to the facade. There is sufficient parking existing on the property. The owner is currently revising drawings and has not yet submitted applications for building permits. The building is by right and has an existing occupancy permit.

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3247 Ward Street

Developer: OPA-HI Development LLC

Project Summary: The owner of the vacant lot at 3247 Ward St originally proposed splitting the property into two parcels and building a single family house facing Ward and a duplex facing Hardie Way. The project was granted a continuance at the December 13 Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing due to a lack of community process. After hearing concerns from residents, the developers are now proposing to split the lot and build two single family homes; one facing Ward St and one facing Hardie Way.

The project has since been revised so that both dwellings have a front entrance on Ward St. The developers requested side setbacks at a ZBA hearing on May 16, 2019 (see page 9 of the agenda). The requested variances were denied on July 18, 2019 (see the decision below).

Project resources:

Scaife Hall Addition - 3550 Terrace Street

Developer: University of Pittsburgh

Project Summary: Pitt plans to tear down the auditorium portion of the structure that sits at Lothrop and Terrace and rebuild a 110,000 gsf addition. The proposal also includes the renovation of the existing structure to add more academic and lab space. Pitt solicited community feedback on this project in conjunction with their meeting for the IMP on February 11, 2019. This project was presented at the Oakland-Wide Community Meeting on May 29. They had a Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing on July 18, 2019.

Project resources:

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207 Lytton Avenue

Developer: Homeowner

Project summary: The homeowners of this Schenley Farms Historic District home are seeking to replace the current shingle roof with a metal roof. They shared their first choice metal “slate” option with the community at public meeting on June 3, 2019 prior to presenting at a Historic Review Commission hearing on July 3, 2019. The HRC approved the request.

207 Lytton Ave.jpg

1000 Technology Drive signage

Project summary: Hitachi, located at 1000 Technology Drive, is seeking Planning Commission approval to place two channel letter signs on their building. The signs measure 60” in height. Both will be highwall signs as they are above 30’.

This project will be included on the July 30 Oakland-Wide Community Meeting agenda.

Supporting documents:

0 Boundary Street

Developer: Thomas Liang

Project Summary: Owner of the vacant lot bordering Boundary Street, Yarrow Way, and Isis Way is proposing a town home development of five or six units - see below for the site plan options. The developer presented these proposals at the Oakland-Wide Community Meeting on May 29.

In 2017, the owner proposed to build around eight units on the lot, which was met with community opposition because it did not comply with zoning. OPDC encouraged the owner to postpone their ZBA hearing at the time. Oakwatch and nearby residents have been vigilant about code enforcement concerns related to overgrowth and a failing retaining wall. These concerns have been before various court hearings.

Project resources:

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Parcel 3 - Technology Drive

Developer: Elmhurst Group

Project summary: In November 2017, Elhurst Group began drafting a proposal to the URA for a tech research/light manufacturing development. In Spring of 2018, they entered into an exclusive negotiation for the site. They reached out to the community to collect feedback. In Fall 2018, the developers submitted finalized plans to the URA and the Department of City Planning.

A few minor architectural updates have since been made to the proposal. Elmurst Group presented at Planning Commission for approval on May 7. The two-building, 156,000 square foot project will contain tech-flex commercial space. See below for the most recent presentation on building materials and space composition.

Project resources:

Scaife Hall - 4805 Frew St

Developer: Carnegie Mellon University

Project summary: CMU has amended their IMP to include tearing down Scaife Hall and building a five story structure at the same location. The project will invlove rezoning a small strip of land from 'park' to 'EMI'. There is no timeline yet for when CMU will go to Planning Commission, nor when this project will be completed. CMU presented proposed amendments to their Institutional Master Plan, as well as spoke to plans for Scaife Hall at an Oakland-Wide Community Meeting on April 23.

Project resources: